Keep Christ in Christmas – Scrooge comes to Pitman, New Jersey



by Al Bloomfield

Thursday December 29, 2011

PITMAN, NEW JERSEY – Like an annual bad wind, Ebenezer Scrooge arrived to try to ruin Christmas with his, “Bah, humbug!” In the 21st-century Mr. Scrooge invariably takes the form of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. It is a radical far left atheist organization that endorses a flawed interpretation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution referencing the separation of church and state.

Members of Pitman Borough’s fire department put up the annual “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner across the main road of Broadway which belongs to the Knights of Columbus Council # 6247. A Pitman atheist glimpsed the sign going up and saw red. The atheist – like some petulant child  – decided to tell. This anonymous troublemaker contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation. They in turn complained to Borough Mayor Michael Batten demanding that the banner represents government endorsement of one religion over another. 

There are several problems with this proposition. Christ and Christmas are indelibly linked. You can’t have the Ed Sullivan Show and say that it’s about Martha Stewart. It was a variety show hosted by Mr. Sullivan, not a cooking show hosted by Mrs. Stewart. Since Christ and Christmas are inseparable the only solution would be to outlaw Christmas. To some extent, certainly in a de facto sense, that’s what these atheist groups are trying to do.

But a more substantive observation is that the “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner was not on public property. The banner was attached on one side to a privately owned bank and on the other side to the Verizon pole. The banner may hang over a government road, but it does not sit on a government road. Even if it did in (and it does not) Broadway is a county road. The borough of Pitman has no jurisdiction over the road. Since the banner is not on public property there is no endorsement of religion by a government body. Next time the Freedom from Religion Foundation should verify the facts before engaging public officials.

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About Al Bloomfield

Al Bloomfield is a Blue Dog Democrat. When he became a Republican at age 19 he became the youngest member in history of the Republican Party of Marion County as an alternate committeeman. When he became a full committeeman he became the youngest black member in the local party’s history. He was also the county’s first black legislative aide since Reconstruction. When he became a Democrat in his late 20s he became the first black to win nomination for countywide office since the 19th century, and the first black Democrat ever in the history of Marion County to win nomination to countywide office, when the Democratic Party of Marion County nominated him for Marion County Commissioner. (This occurred weeks before the Democratic Party nominated Pat Hatley for the School Board.) Since then Mr. Bloomfield has been an advocate for early childhood education and has worked in investment real estate as an entrepreneur. He is the son and grandson of Jamaican immigrants and is of Jewish heritage though a practicing Traditionalist Roman Catholic.
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6 Responses to Keep Christ in Christmas – Scrooge comes to Pitman, New Jersey

  1. politico says:

    I wanted to make this solely a constitutional discussion by writing something like, “What do you think was the intention of the Founding Fathers on the issue of separation of church and state?” But I think what they intended is clearly established and well-known. So the discussion could degrade into who has actually read the Constitution and who has not. Although answering that question with your opinion is fine, I want to see how broadly comments on this issue will range.

    Al Bloomfield
    Ocala, Florida USA

  2. politico says:

    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was not created to give freedom from religion but to protect religious people from a state-sponsored denomination that might be different from some members of the public such as being a Calvinist in 18th-century England under the Anglican Church or being a Huguenot in 16th or 17th century France under the Roman Catholic Church. A government – federal, state, or local – that gives equal access to all religions with adherents among the citizenry would not be in violation of the First Amendment. If Christians wanted taxpayer-funded religious displays on public property, that would not violate the intent of the Constitution if the same access were granted to Muslims for Ramadan and Jews for Hanukkah. The problem with this more correct interpretation of the Constitution is that it leaves out the atheists as they are – by definition – outside of the argument. Constitutionally they would have no religious right to put up antireligious banners. Their right to do so would come strictly from their freedom of speech, not religion. If I may end with the amendment’s quotation, “Congress shall make no law respecting an endorsement of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Al Bloomfield
    Ocala, Florida USA

  3. Eriha Pureti (Ellis Patane says:

    The Xmas issue in the Christian factor goes back to the Aryan history of the Norse Gods (Odin specifically), and it is directly tied into the Pagan tradition(s) of Rome and Jolly Ole St. Nikoclass. For Christianity one has to decide if it is going to be Hēsus Kiristi of the Roman/Greek Epoch adopted by the then Christian church gone corrupt at the time that Constantine of Rome adopted and changed doctrines at the counsel of Nesseau in 325 A.D. What’s it to be then, the Pine tree of the North with the Northern star as a guide to the soul and presents piled up underneath (which has become a bulti billion dollar industry)the tree or is it going to be the Cross of the Roman imperical make with the supposed Christ hanging on it but with with the attitude of Christ advocating freedom of worship through the volition of the soul (the right to choose) and the true blessing to the spirit? In the Book of Thomas (which book was removed by the Roman Papacy and considered Heresy) Thomas goes directly to the general public with the final counsels of the supposed Christ at he last supper by say, ” Know ye that the Kingdom of God is within and all around you? Yea, the Kingdom thus is not with these great mansions made of stick and stone (Chapels and churches). Behold he who shall hear and K.N.O.W. these shall never tast of death.” The problem here is that it is not children that perpetuate the myth, IT’S ADULTS!

    Ellis Patane

  4. politico says:

    Brilliant insight, Ellis. Once again you have brought a fresh prospective to a controversial subject.

    Al Bloomfield

  5. Booker Ford says:

    Pretty nice post. I think we should keep Christ in Christmas. Doesn’t one come from the other?


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